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It’s all systems go here in Perth. With a record of number of children entering grade one, we have had a busy time filling those places for 2013. Our waitlist was very long so places went quickly and we are now in full operation again.

As program managers we have spent recent weeks heading out to visit new children and start them off on our program. Some children have been on our waitlist for 6 months or more and since seeing how our program works, many parents have been busy establishing skills as best as possible while they wait. So we have been pleasantly surprised when we meet them again.  There have been tears and tantrums but underneath the behaviour there is great potential and it’s very exciting seeing this unfold as compliance is established.

This year also brings together our biggest group of case managers to date. We now have 11 case managers, with the promotion of 4 senior therapists late last year. We said goodbye to Krystle last year who has moved on to start her own little teaching niche.

Bowling Club

Amanda and I are first becoming Perth’s best ten pin bowlers with what’s becoming a regular bowling group. Our aim is to promote independence and self-help skills along with socialisation and sportsmanship. Our bowling members have learnt to stay with the team, pay for their game, change shoes, order food, converse and encourage team mates and make a phone call to be picked up. Please speak to your Case Manager if you are interested in joining the team.

Enjoying morning tea after the game.

Amanda, Larni and Nysha with the bowling champs.

Psychology update

Our psychologists are busy with diagnostics, assessments, counselling and social skills groups and we are soldiering on despite the loss of a key member, Niketa Durack, who left us for very good reasons to have a baby. On the 25 th January, Niketa and Josh welcomed a little boy into their lives, Austin Ray.

Josh, Niketa and Austin

Parent & trainee therapist workshops

The first set of dates have been set for the workshops and will be February 16th followed by March 9th. The first workshop covers theory in our methodology and the second has more of apractical emphasis. It’s important that you attend them in the right order. The next lot of dates are looking to be at the end of April and there will be more set each month. Please call Linda to register for the workshops and to clarify any further information. It is important that you attend both workshops as they will give you extensive information on how we teach.

autism services and support, australia
autism services and support, australia

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