School Aged

School is not an easy place for children with ASD  who often have a difficult time, both socially and academically. Support is usually needed, especially as they become more aware of problems.

Services are provided by a team of Psychologists, experienced Case Managers and Senior Therapists.

Services for school aged children - ISADD

Differential Diagnosis

  • It is important to know why a child may be having difficulties at school – a diagnosis may lead to appropriate supports
  • Recommendations for intervention made

Specific Learning Difficulties Catered for

  • Individual programs provided on a 1:1 basis –  at some sites group work is available
  • Reading, literacy, mathematics and organizational skills addressed

School Observations Available

  • Social difficulties identified and programs devised
  • Behavioral problems identified, management suggestions provided

Support to Parent and Teacher at IEP Meetings

  • ISADD strives to provide a coordinated approach and staff are available to attend

Small Social Groups

  • These are tailored to individual needs


  • Available for children who can benefit from CBT (Cognitive Behavioual Therapy), a play approach to problem solving, setting of behavioural and social goals

Parents Consultation/Counselling

  • Individual counselling and problem solving
  • Group work available for general topics, eg. Approaching adolescence, Siblings etc.

Support for Siblings

  • Many siblings may have difficulties coping with a child with ASD

School Consultancy

  • Our staff is available for in service training and general consultancy with teachers.

Please contact ISADD for more information.