Early Behavioural Intervention

The following services are available, provided by a team of Psychologists, Program Managers, Case managers, and therapists.

Differential Diagnosis if needed

  • Recommendations provided
  • Additional referrals for extra services made if needed

Psychological Assessment

  • Child’s needs identified, level of functioning specified in all relevant areas of development
  • Annual re-assessments are sometimes recommended for evaluation and identification of further goals
early childhood intervention - teaching children with autism

Parent Training

  • Parents are encouraged to observe sessions before committing to services
  • Parents learn basic theory and practice of ABA/DTT, either individually or in workshops.
  • Case managers train parents on an ongoing basis as the need arises, particularly in incidental teaching strategies.
  • From time to time parent workshops are available to keep parents up to date and to provide group support for common issues.
  • Parents are treated as partners and are expected to take part in decisions made in Case Management session.
  • Individual counselling is available as required.

Programs Designed and Implemented

Holistic programs cover the following areas:

  • Appropriate attention to the environment and to learning tasks
  • Social attention and then social skills and appropriate behaviours
  • Fine motor skills – including oral motor and pre-pencil skills if needed
  • Gross motor skills leading to confidence and play opportunity
  • Visuo spatial skills to help organize concepts which make sense of the environment, develop spatial awareness and help learning, leading to mathematical skills
  • Cognitive conceptual skills which are the basis of the ideas behind language
  • Functional language based on cognition and social interaction
  • Independence skills

Programs are Monitored and Adjusted Regularly

This is undertaken by Program Managers and Psychologists, to ensure quality and program integrity.

Please contact ISADD for more information.