Program Managers In Service Training

On the weekend May 9th to 11th, Program Managers from around the southern hemisphere gathered in St Andrews Beach on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula for a three-day In-Service Training.


Attending were: Susan Farmer (NZ) Johnny Fok (Singapore) Kerri Harris (S.A.) Laura Holmes (Vic.) Isabella O’Donovan (W.A.) Dini Oktaufik (Indonesia) and, in her capacity as Training Officer, Audree Poff (W.A.)


Unfortunately, due to a “tummy problem”, as well as an advanced state of pregnancy, Sarah Charlton was unable to join the group.


The fickle Victorian weather was at its most varied, with attendees experiencing sun, rain and wind (and that was only in the first morning!): but they had little time to notice, having a full program packed into the available time.


Right from the beginning, the group interacted as a team, and it was both gratifying and thrilling to observe the strong bonds which exist between these ISADD senior personnel, despite the infrequency with which they are able to meet, and the differences between regions in which they work.


The consensus at the end of the three days was that much had been achieved, and that ISADD is keeping up with the various innovations in service delivery indicated by the most recent ABA research.


autism services and support, australia
autism services and support, australia

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