May 2014

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ISADD Newsletter - Editorial
Editor :: Daryl Cooper.

Publisher :: Bill Davey & Linda Thomas

Photography :: Various.

Welcome to the first Rhubarb for 2014. This edition is a bit late getting to press, the beginning of the year having been busier than usual; and thus, another busy year looms ahead, in what is ISADD’s 20th year of operation.

Our biggest challenges in the coming year are likely to be a. adjusting to the requirements of the NDIS as it gradually starts to affect our client group, and b. trying to meet the ever-increasing demand for our services.

While hopefully adjusting to NDIS as it impacts on us will not be too difficult, the challenge of meeting demand for services is one which has confronted us for quite some time, and possibly will continue to do so indefinitely. As I have said before, it takes time to train Therapy personnel to the high standards we try to maintain. We cannot train at as rapid rate as rise in demand.

Otherwise, the year looks promising from an organizational perspective. Headquarters in WA are now settled into their new offices, and with various changes (reported previously) completed in Singapore and Lithuania, the year ahead should be one on which the focus for everyone can be on continuing to provide the quality service for which we have an enviable reputation.

Daryl Cooper


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autism services and support, australia
autism services and support, australia

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