Awareness of Autism, its prevalence and its implications is slowly growing. This still leaves a long way to go to make ABA intervention accessible, but awareness by paediatricians and neurologists means that diagnosis will be available for younger children.


Parents are also stirring, and gathering into groups to seek and spread information. A new parent group, ‘Children of the Rain’ was recently formed. There is also a new umbrella organization linking providers and advocacy groups being formed which hopefully will give disabilities a common voice. ISADD is looking towards restructuring its management to fit in with all of this and to be able to have more direct contact with parents in the future. To achieve this we welcomed Jurgita Race, an experienced teacher and manager onto our team.   


When Jura visited in August many new children were assessed. Jura will again be in Lithuania in late October

autism services and support, australia
autism services and support, australia

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