July 2012

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The first half of this year has been an eventful one. In WA, ISADD was presented with a number of challenges, firstly with several personnel having “health issues” (now thankfully all fairly well resolved), then the regretful departure of two highly competent Case Managers, and thirdly participation in The Disability Services Commission’s response to the sudden announcement (Alan Joyce style) of the closure of the LEARN centre in May.

The last of these challenges proved to be a “storm in a teacup”, as the LEARN centre was (for the second time in its short history!) bailed out of its financial difficulties. But while the “storm” lasted, ISADD senior personnel were frantically searching for some way to stretch our resources in anticipation that some of LEARN’s former clients would be looking to us as an alternative service provider.

On the topic of LEARN’s (temporary) closure, The Disability Services Commission is to be congratulated on its prompt response to the situation. Following the closure, it was quickly off the mark, contacting its providers to determine their capacity to take on additional clients, and organizing an “Expo” at which LEARN client families could obtain information about alternative services, both DSC funded and private, that are available.

DSC’s response indicates the high level of commitment that they have to ensuring that all persons with a disability have access to services.

Daryl Cooper





Later this year, ABIA (the Victorian-based organization which held the very successful forum reported in the previous Rhubarb) intends to conduct an Australia-wide census of families running an ABA program. The information gained will be very useful for a number of purposes, not least of which will be to use the data for lobbying purposes with State and Federal Governments.

The census will be internet-based; when plans are finalized we will be encouraging all our Australian client families to participate.



We still find mail being addressed to our old Kelmscott P O box. Please remember our current address is:

PO Box 8181
Perth 6849 



To AISTE GALECKAITE as a new Lithuanian Case Manager – who will mainly work in Kaunas.

(see report of training in featured articles).



Daddy Christopher and mummy Krystal are proud to announce the safe arrival, via emergency caesarean section, of our baby daughter Sage Allison Elizabeth Bassano on Monday 25th June at 3.49am weighing 6 pound 9 ounces. Mum and Bub both well.


It is with great regret that we say goodbye, for now, to Corrina Coleman, who is now on indefinite maternity leave. Corrina has been with ISADD for 10 years, and has become one of our most senior and experienced Case Managers. Her warmth, integrity, professionalism, team pirit and dedication will be missed by her work colleagues. The countless families she has given support to over the years, will all have their own special fond memories of what a difference she has made to their lives. 

From all of us here at ISADD, a big Thank You and please come back as soon as you are ready! In the meantime, please remember to send us photos as soon as your baby is born. – Jenny Bolland ( Director)

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