Every few years, the Disability Services Commission requires that funded organisations are evaluated by independent monitors to assess how well the organisation is conforming to the Commission’s quality standards, and achieving positive outcomes for its clients.


This year, it was again ISADD’s turn to be evaluated, and following a very positive report in 2010, we were eager to see if we were maintaining our high standards. The process was completed in August, and the full report is available to any client family by contacting Head Office. For those who don’t want to read the full document, below are extracts from the Evaluator’s report:

The Independent Evaluator was particularly impressed by:


  • ·        The many positive comments made by parents and external stakeholders about the staff, including words such as: “professional”, “outstanding”, “fantastic”, “a godsend” and “brilliant”.
  • ·        There is a clear focus on addressing issues and achieving outcomes.
  • ·        Service delivery to families is in line with promises, program managers and case managers listen to parents and carers and involve them in all aspects of the interventions.
  • ·        All parents commented on the positives that come from therapy being provided in the home, the most familiar environment for the individuals and their families.
  • ·        The strength of the team and the commitment of all staff, demonstrated by the support, mentoring and caring for each other and leadership of senior staff.
  • ·        Training and support of all staff: Therapists, case managers and program managers
  • ·        Information provided to parents and carers about Autism Spectrum Disorder and Delayed Development.
  • ·        The openness and accountability that arises out of keeping the documentation (files) at the client’s house.


All service provision is based on the theoretical principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Discrete Trial Training and is person and family centred.


There is a structured program of supervision and training for staff and there is a high level of accountability and transparency in service delivery. 


All ISADD personnel in WA have contributed to this highly positive report, and can be justly proud of their achievement.

autism services and support, australia
autism services and support, australia

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