A Little Note Of Congratulations By Larni

Josh, now aged 10, has a couple of things to be proud of that I’d like to share with readers. I’ve
known Josh since he was 4 years old when he joined our program, and he continues to
receive ongoing support with ISADD. Firstly, this year, after 6 and a half years of Education
Support schooling, he has made the transition into full time mainstream school. In the second
semester he entered grade 5 and, with an education assistant, he is now able to access parts
of the curriculum that really motivate him to learn, such as history and science. It was a big
decision for his family, and one that we had discussed over the last 12 months. Joshua
immediately stepped up to the challenge and, with a wonderful teacher and E.A., he made a
fairly smooth transition and continues to meet goals. He has gone on school camp with his
peers and this really gave Josh the motivation to socialise and he has developed more
awareness and self-control of his own behaviours.

In addition to this, another new experience for Josh has been joining a T-ball team. This is
Josh’s first experience of team sport. With golf being his long running obsession, his near
perfect hand-eye precision has transferred to batting, with Josh being the biggest hitter on his
team. His coach plays usually plays him as the third batter and with his big hits, he is now
renowned for getting three players home in one hit. Josh attends practice once a week and
plays a match every Saturday. He is learning every position on the field and his team have
won four out of six games so far. Well done Josh!


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autism services and support, australia
autism services and support, australia

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