Our Philosophy

ISADD bases its intervention strategies on the following concepts which are supported by thorough research data:

Services Provided

  • ISADD offers a range of in-depth assessments and differential diagnoses to establish an accurate level of functioning. From these assessments we provide recommendations for specific strategies to work towards developmental, educational and behavioural goals.
  • From there we will assign a Case Manager to establish an intensive, individualized program aimed at the goals outlined in our recommendations.
  • Intensive personal workshops are available for country, interstate and overseas children. ISADD have a team of trained hands-on staff who provide therapy and work directly with the child in the child’s natural environment (home, school or daycare).
  • Consultation to assist with decision-making for the effective management and education of school age children, and liaison with teachers and carers as required. Our team provide individual parent counselling and support via one- to- one meetings and participation in parent groups.
  • Where needed, we will refer to, and liaise with, other services to help create the best learning environment.


Our Team


Jura Tender - Senior Clinical Psychologist, ISADD Director
Jura Tender
Senior Clinical Psychologist
ISADD Director

Jura is a clinical psychologist who has a wealth of experience delivering services to persons with developmental disabilities, and in particular, autism spectrum disorders. A life-long exponent of Applied Behaviour Analysis, she is a pioneer of the approach in Australia, and was also instrumental in introducing ABA for Autism in Indonesia. In the 1980s, Jura was invited by I. O. Lovaas to participate in his ground-breaking Young Autism Project at the University of California at Los Angles (UCLA) and in Perth in 1994, together with Jennifer Bolland founded ISADD, Australia’s first dedicated provider of ABA treatment  for Autism. Through regular attendance at International Conferences and review of the scientific literature, Jura has ensured that ISADD remains at the forefront of evidence-based service delivery.


Jenny Bolland
Consultant Program Manager


Daryl Cooper - Psychologist, ISADD Director
Daryl Cooper
ISADD Director

Daryl is a psychologist with broad experience across the fields of disability, education and clinical work. He has held both clinical and administrative positions in State and Commonwealth service agencies and in tertiary education. Another long-time proponent of Applied Behaviour Analysis, he was a founding member of the Western Australian Branch of the Australian Behaviour Modification Association (now AACBT) in the early 1980s. He has been associated with ISADD since its inception, serving for many years as Executive Coordinator.  Daryl’s focus as a director is ensuring that ISADD continues to offer cost-effective, family focussed and state of the art intervention.


Bill Davey - Administration Manager ISADD
Bill Davey
Administration Manager

Since joining ISADD in 1998, Bill has overseen the daily Administration of ISADD and continues to keep the organisation functioning smoothly behind the scenes.

ISADD - Meet our staff
Linda Thomas
Office Administrator
Robyn O'Byrne - Resource Manager - ISADD
Robyn O’Byrne
Accounts Admin

Since joining ISADD in 1999, Robyn has been a Therapist and Case Manager along with a Program Manager for Singapore. She has also played an integral role in short-term intensive programs. Robyn now carries out administrative duties.

Larni Mullan - Psychologist, Program Manager, ISADD
Larni Mullan
Program Manager

Larni started working in the area of disability in 1999 and joined ISADD as a therapist in 2001.  Currently Larni works both as a Program Manager, responsible for overseeing early intervention programs, and a psychologist, where roles include diagnosis, assessment, counselling, and in-home parent training in managing challenging behaviours.

ISADD - Meet our staff
Isabella O’Donovan
Executive Coordinator/Program Manager

Isabella has been working in the field of autism and disability since 2001.  In 2008 she joined the ISADD team in Perth as a Program Manager, overseeing early intervention programs and providing support for Case Managers.    Isabella acts as Program Manager for Lithuania and Ireland.

Tania Dawson - Senior Clinical Psycologist ISADD
Tania Dawson
Senior Clinical Psychologist

With 17 years of experience in Autism locally and overseas, Tania has bought a wealth of experience to the psychology team since joining the organisation in 1996.  Tania has also worked in child and adolescent mental health and women’s heath services.  Her roles now include diagnosis, assessment, child, adolescent and adult individual counselling along with support groups, parent training and school consultancy.

Amanda Di Russo - Psychologist and Case Manager - ISADD
Amanda Smith


ISADD - Meet our staff
Rowena Mackiewicz
Speech Pathologist


Greta Jolley - Case Manager ISADD
Greta Jolley
Case Manager


ISADD - Meet our staff
Clare Moffatt
Case Manager


Suzanne Mitchell - Case Manager ISADD
Suzanne Mitchell
Case Manager


Debbie Mathews - Case Manager ISADD
Debbie Mathews
Case Manager


ISADD - Meet our staff
Emina Cholich
Case Manager/Psychologist Registrar/Program Manager


Nysha Joseph - Case Manager ISADD
Nysha Joseph
Case Manager


 ISADD - Meet our staff
Audree Poff
Case Manager/Training Manager

Audree is a Case Manager and she is also ISADD’s Training Manager, responsible for training and maintaining quality within the team of therapists.


Nikki Veza
Case Manager


Simone Lombardo
Case Manager
Tanja Kettle
Case Manager